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Grave 2


A zombie game where the zombies throw ninja stars at you through windows... I had no idea zombies had good arms.
Anyways it is your job to shoot them from the windows before they throw things at you.

You are equiped with the latest in technology glasses. When you press the spacebar the glasses will scan for enemies and surroundings that can help you kill your enemies. Press space bar again to return to the regular mode.
Right arrow: Shotgun
Down Arrow: Machine Gun
Left Arrow: Hand Gun
Up arrow: Health Recovery
The blood meter is at the top of the screen. For every enemy that you kill, it fills up. When it is filled all the way press Up for a health recovery. For powerful enemies, use the Shotgun. For multiple enemies at the same time use the machine gun. At other times use what you're best with. Head shots make for faster kills, leg shots dont kill certain enemies.

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