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Apparently you lost both doors to the house! In this zombie game you're going to shoot zombies, buy new weapons, ammo and health and hopefully survive 10 days of the zombie apocalypse until the rescue team arrives.

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Matt and Dracona's surfshack is under attack by zombies. The two head off to defend it, with the assistance of friend - Tidal.
So yeah zombies are attackin cause they want... lollies... or something in the surfshack. ANyway since its all happening by the sea, Tidal found he wasn't having any trouble dealing with the zombies... so he drinks tea.
So then the game came about for Matt and Draconica to deal with the zombies with only some help from TN.
TN's made a barrier next to the shack to keep zombies away. Though it does dissapear if its pushed by zombies too much. Sometimes itll attack and throw zombies back. Though it uses a lil more of its energy when its gets small, its low on energy so be careful. Once the barrier is gone TN will kill the zombies but 25% of your score is lost.
Kill as many zombies as you can in the given time. You are able to use abilities from all 3 characters. The main character you control is Matt from the front. 

Use 1-4 for weapons
Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

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This game is really great. Its a combination of the same formula for many zombie games with a twist. In this game you shoot the zombies to make them un-undead. That is you convert them to your side as allies. There is a catch however if the zombies get you, you become one yourself and now those people you converted are your enemies. Really well done graphically and really nice concept.

WASD to move
Space use power ups/ lay mines
Mouse aim and shoot

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Really simple game, stand in the middle and kill all of the zombies approaching you.

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Pretty fun game, clone of the penguin game, yet still fun.

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There have been a zombie outbreak in your hometown and those nasty zombies is now everywhere! Luckily you, a well known boxer, managed to get your hold on one of them and now your job is to 
box this zombie off the building as hard and as far away as you can. Buy upgrades after each and 
every round and compete against other zombie kickers on how far away you can kick your zombie. 
Best of luck and make sure that those zombies never dare to return again!

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Zombie Hooker Nightmare, a game about zombies, hookers, nightmares, and more zombies. Just in time for Halloween. Grab a gun and mow down some undead.
A quick review of the rules of ZHN...the game is divided into two Episodes, both available from the title screen (but they don't connect to each other).

Arrow keys - Move Lola around
Space bar - Attack. Uses current weapon if you have one or punches and kicks if you don't.
X - Tempt nearby Johns and make them follow you.
Touching Johns - Makes them follow you.

Guide Johns back to the trailer to turn tricks. Reach the night's quota and enter the trailer to progress to the next level.
You don't have to touch Johns to get them to follow you. Pressing X will get almost any John you can see on the screen to follow you as long as zombies aren't currently attacking them.
Weapons have a set amount of ammo/strength. When you use that up the weapon will disappear. You'll have to scramble for another weapon or just punch and kick your way through zombie hordes (but that's a lot harder to do).
As long as you don't completely use up all the ammo or strength of a weapon (strength/ammo greater than 0), it will recharge when you enter the trailer to go to the next level.

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This games a bit different. You get to shoot flying zombies with a shotgun to metal. The only problem is its really easy m and your finger may get tired of clicking before you actually die. 

From the Author,
This game was originally developed for a Danish rapper - but in this version skinned with a more zombie slaying stereotype.

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Like Excitebike, or Trials? Like Zombies? Well then you should enjoy Kill All Zombies. The point of the game is to kill all the zombies by running them over, without flipping your vehicle over of course.

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You've received the radio signal, but can you reach the colony alive?
Blast your way through the zombie apocalypse, but keep an eye out for fuel canisters, med-kits, cash and ammunition and survivors to rescue.
Buy items and unlock achievements.

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