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Zombie Rush


Matt and Dracona's surfshack is under attack by zombies. The two head off to defend it, with the assistance of friend - Tidal.
So yeah zombies are attackin cause they want... lollies... or something in the surfshack. ANyway since its all happening by the sea, Tidal found he wasn't having any trouble dealing with the zombies... so he drinks tea.
So then the game came about for Matt and Draconica to deal with the zombies with only some help from TN.
TN's made a barrier next to the shack to keep zombies away. Though it does dissapear if its pushed by zombies too much. Sometimes itll attack and throw zombies back. Though it uses a lil more of its energy when its gets small, its low on energy so be careful. Once the barrier is gone TN will kill the zombies but 25% of your score is lost.
Kill as many zombies as you can in the given time. You are able to use abilities from all 3 characters. The main character you control is Matt from the front. 

Use 1-4 for weapons
Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

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